Understanding the Different Types of Skin Cancer

Understanding the Different Types of Skin Cancer

Are you on this page because you’re worried about skin cancer? It’s crucial to keep an eye out for warning signs and patients can benefit by understanding why. If you live in or near Kissimmee, FL, and think you’ve found something suspicious, schedule an appointment with Dr. Clifford Lober. Besides answering questions, he can perform physical checkups and offer next steps if cancer is discovered.

The Different Types of Skin Cancer Explained

Skin cancer is currently the most common form of cancer. Thankfully, in many instances, the prognosis for skin cancer is relatively good. That said, skin cancer still kills, and some types are more aggressive and deadlier than others.

As for different types, skin cancer is commonly divided into either two or three categories. In some cases, skin cancer is broken down into melanoma and non-melanoma. Experts may also classify skin cancer as Basal Cell Carcinoma (BCC), Squamous Cell Carcinoma (SCC), and melanoma. If BCC and SCC are being lumped together, they’re frequently both referred to as “keratinocyte carcinoma.”

Crucially, the threat posed by cancer is often defined by how easily and quickly the cancer can spread. As far as melanoma is concerned, the cancer is aggressive and regularly spreads through the body if left untreated. Once cancer begins to spread, it’s very difficult to eradicate. With Basal Cell Carcinoma, the cancer rarely spreads. Squamous Cell Carcinoma, meanwhile, is a bit more likely to spread compared to BCC.

If you have further questions about skin cancer and live in or near Kissimmee, FL, contact Dr. Lober right away.

The Prognosis for Different Types of Skin Cancer

Ultimately, melanoma is the more dangerous form of skin cancer. In any given year, roughly 100,000 Americans will be diagnosed with melanoma and deaths typically hover around 8,000 to 9,000 per year. Keeping an eye out for melanoma is crucial.

Meanwhile, deaths for Basal Cell Carcinoma and Squamous Cell Carcinoma are believed to weigh in at about 2,000-8,000 per year. At first glance, this may seem to suggest that keratinocyte carcinoma is as deadly as melanoma. However, over three million people are diagnosed with BCC and SCC per year, meaning it is far more common than melanoma while killing fewer people.

Generally speaking, the sooner cancer is uncovered, the better the patient’s outlook. For this reason, it is crucial to keep an eye out for red flags. It’s also wise to regularly check in with a dermatologist and if you believe you may have discovered a cancerous growth, you should seek medical attention right away.

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