How to Perform a Self-Skin Exam for Early Detection

How to Perform a Self-Skin Exam for Early Detection

Has your primary doctor or dermatologist found a suspicious spot and asked you to perform regular skin checks to watch for any changes? Regardless, it's time to start performing them yourself, but you need help figuring out where to begin. 

Dr. Clifford Lober, a medical doctor board-certified by the American Board of Dermatology, has served patients at his dermatology practice for over 40 years in Ocoee and Kissimmee, FL. Our doctor wants to answer all of your questions about self-exam for skin cancer and stress the importance of skin monitoring. 

Why Perform Skin Checks? 

If you have a history of skin issues, have had a spot of skin cancer removed in the past, or have spent a great deal of time outdoors, regular skin checks are a must for catching skin changes early.

Skin checks take a short amount of time and can be performed monthly. They require few materials, and once you figure out a workable system, it will become a brief part of your hygiene routine. 

How to Perform A Skin Check

According to our practice guidelines, in Ocoee and Kissimmee, FL, a self-exam is most effective when you remember them monthly, like an appointment. 

Our doctor recommends performing this skin check after a shower in your bathroom. You will need two mirrors if performing the exam by yourself. Listed below is a simple step-by-step way to perform an exam.

  • Study your body front and back in a full-length mirror.
  • Turn to your side and repeat for each side, raising your arms to look underneath and checking your forearms. 
  • Move closer to the mirror and examine your face, mouth, and inside your mouth. 
  • Look closely at your hands, feet, and the webbing between your fingers and toes.
  • Using your full-length mirror and a hand mirror, check the back of your legs, feet, soles, and private areas. 

 If you find anything suspicious, you should note the date, measure the area with a ruler if you can, take note of the size, color, and shape, and most importantly, take a picture of the area monthly to track changes. 

Monitor any concerning spots often so you can discuss them with our doctor. If you notice any changes to the spot in question, it's best to schedule a visit with our office for a skin check. 

Schedule your Visit Today! 

Call Dr. Lober today and schedule your skin cancer checkup at 407-656-9700 in Ocoee and 407-846-7166 in Kissimmee, FL. Our doctor is available for a consultation at either of his locations to answer questions regarding a self-exam for skin cancer and to perform a skin check related to any questionable spots. 

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