Early Signs of Skin Cancer

Early Signs of Skin Cancer

Dr. Clifford Lober is an expert in dermatology medicine and has two Skin Cancer and Skin Surgery Specialist Centers in Kissimmee & Ocoee FL. This esteemed and award-winning medical doctor has been helping people identify and treat cancer using the most incredible treatment options available.

Our doctor firmly believes that every adult, especially Floridians who are susceptible to the sun every day, needs to know the signs of skin carcinoma so they can alert their doctor and start treatment as soon as possible. 

Skin Carcinoma

This cancer is one of the easiest to treat and eliminate if you catch the signs of cancer early.

You must examine your skin at least monthly. If you have a history of skin carcinoma, a weekly self-exam is appropriate, checking for signs of possible cancer. You may have skin carcinoma if you notice,

  • Sores that do not heal
  • Sores that heal but keep recurring in the same spot
  • Skin lesion changes
  • Itching, bleeding, and tenderness in specific skin areas
  • Changes in skin areas related to size, color, and shape
  • Scaly, crusty spot of skin that refuses to go away

Three Types of Skin Carcinoma and Their Symptoms

Basal Cell Carcinoma:

  • Most common
  • Flesh-colored, pink skin patch
  • Fair-skinned people
  • People who have skin color

Squamous Cell Carcinoma:

  • Second most common
  • Red firm bump
  • Scaly patch
  • A healing sore that breaks open again
  • Light or dark-skinned people 


  • Deadly
  • Develops in a mole
  • Appears as a new dark spot
  • Spreads quickly
  • Must be treated early

If you see any of these signs of cancer, you need to seek the services of this skin carcinoma specialist. This doctor can give you a proper diagnosis. Our doctor can create a winning care plan and start treatment immediately.

For example, treatment options could include surgery, drug therapy, chemotherapy, radiation, chemical peels, and cryotherapy.

Get Your Skin Checked Today

Call Dr. Lober today at (407) 846-7166 to reach the Kissimmee, FL, office and (407) 656-9700 for Ocoee, FL. If you seek an experienced skin carcinoma specialist and don't have a doctor, please give us a call and make your appointment today for a skin carcinoma check.

If you have skin carcinoma symptoms, please don't wait another day to see our doctor. We need to see you as soon as possible to do a skin exam and give you that clean bill of health you want to hear.

If you are positive for carcinoma, know this is usually an easy fix if you come to us in time. We will discuss with you the best and most appropriate treatment options.

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