What Is Actinic Keratosis?

What Is Actinic Keratosis?

Discover the power of Dr. Clifford Lober's expertise in treating Actinic Keratosis (AK). Experience a world-class approach that goes beyond the surface, targeting the root of the problem. Dr. Lober's cutting-edge techniques and advanced technology ensure exceptional results, minimizing discomfort and maximizing efficacy.

With his extensive knowledge and compassionate care, Dr. Lober in Kissimmee and Ocoee, FL offers personalized treatment plans tailored to your needs.

What Is Actinic Keratosis?

Actinic keratosis is a common skin condition caused by long-term sun exposure. It appears as rough, scaly patches on sun-exposed areas such as the face, scalp, hands, and arms. These patches may vary in color, ranging from pink to brown, and can feel like sandpaper. Actinic keratosis results from abnormal growth of skin cells due to ultraviolet (UV) radiation damage.

While most actinic keratoses are benign, they can develop into skin cancer if left untreated. Therefore, it's crucial to monitor and promptly treat them. Treatment options include topical creams, cryotherapy (freezing), chemical peels, and laser therapy. Regular skin examinations and sun protection measures are essential to prevent actinic keratosis and reduce the risk of skin cancer.

Your Office Visit: What to Expect

During an office visit for Actinic Keratosis in Kissimmee and Ocoee, FL, Dr. Lober will comprehensively examine your skin. He'll carefully inspect the affected areas and discuss your medical history. Using active voice, they may perform a painless procedure called dermoscopy to examine suspicious spots more closely.

Dr. Lober might take a small tissue sample for a biopsy, enabling accurate diagnosis if necessary. He'll then explain the condition, discussing treatment options such as topical medications, cryotherapy, or photodynamic therapy. Your dermatologist will address any concerns, providing essential guidance on sun protection and regular follow-up visits to ensure effective management.

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