FAQs About Melanoma

FAQs About Melanoma

Frequently Asked Questions About Melanoma 

Skin cancer is a common skin problem, and one type of skin cancer, melanoma, can be deadly. Prevention and early diagnosis are critical. Our dermatologist can help. Dermatologist Dr. Clifford Lober, provides comprehensive dermatology services, including diagnosis and treatment of melanoma. He has two convenient office locations in Kissimmee, and Ocoee, FL, to help you. 

These are some of the most frequently asked questions and answers about melanoma: 

Can melanoma be prevented?

Like all skin cancers, you can do a lot to prevent melanoma. It’s important to always protect your skin when you are outside. Wear sunscreen with SPF 30, or SPF 50+ if you are outside for long periods. 

Who is at risk of developing melanoma? 

Like all skin cancers, you are at greater risk of developing melanoma if you have fair skin, freckles, burn easily, have a family history of melanoma, or you spend long hours out in the sun. 

How is melanoma diagnosed? 

Melanoma is diagnosed with a biopsy. A small sample of tissue is removed, and the cells are examined microscopically to determine if cancerous cells are present, and what type and stage of skin cancer it is. 

How is melanoma treated? 

When you have a diagnosis of melanoma, our dermatologist will develop a customized treatment plan, which may include: 

  • Surgical excision to remove the cancerous cells
  • Radiation therapy to kill cancerous cells 
  • Chemotherapy used in combination with surgery and radiation to eliminate cancerous tissue 

What can I do about melanoma? 

In addition to visiting our dermatologist for regular skin checks, you should check your skin yourself regularly. You need to look for: 

  • Large moles, over 6 millimeters 
  • Irregular, asymmetrical moles 
  • Moles with ragged edges 
  • Dry, scaly, red patches of tissue that don’t go away 

Want To Know More? 

To learn more about prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of melanoma, call Dr. Clifford Lober, dermatologist in Kissimmee, and Ocoee, FL. You can reach him in the Kissimmee office by calling (407) 846-7166, or in the Ocoee office by calling (407) 656-9700, so call today.

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